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Understanding the APP Absence Policy


As noted in the orientation video, the intake forms, and the meetings page, the rules are that if you miss more than 6 sessions during your attendance in phase 1 and phase 2 combined, you will be discharged from the program and have to start over.


Additionally, if you miss 3 classes in a row and do not contact us, we will assume you have dropped out of the program and you will be discharged. (If you are unable to attend for 3 weeks in a row, just reach out and let us know so you aren’t discharged from the program.)


Getting Back into the Program


If you’ve been discharged from the program you can get back in and start over. You’ll need to enroll just as you did originally by calling in to 240-777-4856. If you have a probation officer, you will need a new referral from them. You will also need to pay any fees you did not pay during your previous attendance before you can reenroll.


You will be starting over from phase 1 again, even if you completed phase 1 previously. We know this is frustrating for participants who finished phase 1; however, this is the policy for all participants, regardless of how many classes you completed.


Many clients ask why they can’t pick up where they left off. The answer is that there is no reasonable way to implement such a policy. If someone hits their 7th absence after attending 15 sessions, they can’t just pick up at session 16 with 6 new absences; that would mean there really isn’t any accountability and people can just keep dropping out and coming back.


Continuing with 0 absences also isn’t possible – as soon as they missed another class, they would be out again – and then just come back and keep going with 0 absences. The only way to maintain accountability for the class is to have participants start over from the beginning.


(Q: But why can’t we at least start from phase 2 if we already finished phase 1?

A: What happens if you missed 6 classes in phase 1? Would you start from phase 2 with 6 new absences, or zero?)

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