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Group procedure:

  1. Go to and click on your group. 

  2. Admit clients as they enter. Clients who are supposed to attend your group are listed on the attendance spreadsheet. If you don’t recognize someone trying to enter, let them in, ask who they are, and if they are not supposed to be there you can ask them to leave. They can always reach out to me if there is any confusion. 240-906-0121​​

    • Note that a red box means the client has been closed out noncompliant and should not be let into group. (A green box means they've completed that group compliant; purple means they were transferred to another group.) Similarly, clients whose names are highlighted in YELLOW are not to be let into group due to nonpayment.​

    • Often clients on the waitlist show up insisting they were told to attend. If they are on the waitlist and not moved up to the current attendance section with a date indicating they are indeed supposed to be starting, tell them to wait for a call from Joyce before coming back. 

  3. Remind clients they are required to pay their fees in order to be compliant. Document that this was stated.

  4. Mark attendance on the attendance spreadsheet: X with the number of classes they've attended (e.g. X1, X2, ...), or A with the number of classes they've missed (e.g., A1, A2, ...). 

  5. If you are writing notes for that group (to be decided with your co-leader), write them up and upload them to Raffi's inbox.

Documents you need



Format​ for group notes: [group number] MM-DD-YY notes

  • example: 101 03-02​-21 notes

  • example: 244 03-05-21 notes

Please put one client note per page. 

Administrative Training Videos

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